March 20, 2018

Edinburgh ladies, are you paying too much for a haircut?


If you’re tired of calling up your hairdresser for a ladies haircut and being charged prices that are through the roof, you aren’t alone. It seems wholly unfair that men with essentially the same length hair can duck in for a quick trim, pay half the price and leave with enough cash in their wallet for a pint or two afterwards. But short-haired ladies, what if we told you that you could have it all, too? A perfectly styled cut AND a pint at the local later on?

Cue, Quarters Barbershop

Barbers aren’t just for guys. Here at Quarters, we believe that ladies who sport short, sharp hairstyles should have access to haircuts at a reasonable price, too. Our barber is a trained hairdresser with plenty of experience styling and cutting. At Quarters we can provide ladies haircuts including clipper cuts, skin fades, trims, undercuts and specific styles. And for how much, you’re wondering? Under twenty quid.

The Price Difference

Women’s short style cuts typically set you back £40 at a hair salon. This often includes a wash and a blow dry, but is still double the price of a men’s haircut. Add a colour on top of that and you’re looking at around £80-90. To put it in perspective, that’s about 20 (decent) pints of beer, or 30 cups of coffee. Here at Quarters, we endeavour to provide affordable, high-quality barbering services for everyone, regardless of your sex. You may often need a trim more regularly than your colour needs to be retouched, so why pay for the works at a hair salon when you can drop by and see us for a ladies haircut at half the price?

Quarters barber does women's haircuts

Avoid the weird looks

Quarters believes in an all-inclusive approach to haircuts. Frequently, women will go to a hair salon and be expected to pay for a wash and a blow dry, even when it isn’t needed. Asking to leave the salon without these services can sometimes result in a few raised eyebrows. Occasionally it’s nice to treat yourself to the full pamper, but if you just want a quick trim to tidy up your style, you don’t want to be forking out money for this every visit. At Quarters you can be in and out in a jiffy, and we’ll ask you exactly what you want - our eyebrows won’t even move an inch!

More than just a barbershop

Quarters focuses on all the finer things in life. We’re a retail store, barber and cafe all rolled into one. Browse our products, receive top notch advice from our barber, enjoy a coffee and chat to our staff. We stock quality brands with a local focus, so you can rest assured that anything you buy from us will actually last.

To book an appointment with our barber see here. If you’re unsure what services we can provide you, drop in for a chat with our friendly team or give us a shout on social media.

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