April 12, 2018

King & Tuckfield: menswear that’s made to last.


King & Tuckfield are a London-based brand focused on quality fabrics and mixing 1950s influences with contemporary style, to achieve a timeless and classic look.

Founded by Stacy Wood, the brand draws inspiration from her own family history and, in particular, her grandmother and father’s sartorial flair. King & Tuckfield is a brand very much focused on quality and craftsmanship. The brand encourages consumers to invest in essential garments that are effortlessly stylish, easy to mix and match, and which will last them years, and even generations, to come. This kind of mentality is in direct opposition to fast fashion; King & Tuckfield are firm believers in the fact that less is more, and quality trumps quantity every time. We delve deeper into why investing in a King & Tuckfield piece is worth every penny.


Fabrics with thought.

We don’t often give the fabric that our clothes are made out of much thought, but it’s something that’s critical when considering the longevity of each garment. The fabric of a t-shirt, jack or pair of trousers, is also an important thing to consider in conjunction with the climate that you live in. King & Tuckfield champion merino wool because it’s excellent at controlling temperature and humidity; it’ll keep you warm in Winter, and cool in Summer. Here are just a few other benefits of Merino Wool:

It’s easy to care for as it’s machine washable.
It’s wrinkle and stain resistant (no need to crack out the ironing board! Oh, and you can go ahead and slurp up that spaghetti without fear).
It doesn’t irritate the skin or cause itchiness.
You can wear it time and again without it holding odours. Simply airing the garment will often leave it fresh and ready-to-wear (fewer trips to the laundromat are always a bonus).

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King & Tuckfield craft many of their basic t-shirts and polo shirts out of merino wool. We know that people often bork at the price tags that they come with. But when you consider all of the benefits listed above and the fact that each garment will last you for upwards of ten years, rather than ten days, it’s actually an incredibly worthwhile investment. Furthermore, the wool is sustainably sourced, and the garment is quality crafted. A T-shirt is an item of clothing that you’ll wear day in, day out, so you might as well make it a good one.


Creating your own slice of history.

The second fabric that King & Tuckfield champion is indigo denim. This is arguably one of the reasons why their collections have a distinctly 1950s vibe. Denim became popular during this era, worn by the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando. Garments made from denim were prized because they were imbued with a sense of rebellion, and on a more practical level, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sturdier material. But King & Tuckfield’s obsession with the fabric goes beyond its lifespan and into the level of personal significance that it can hold for every individual.

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Denim takes on the life of its wearer, which is evident in how it fades, tears and generally ages. Denim garments tend to tell a story of their owner’s journey, and even leave a legacy behind. Do you have a suit handed down from your Father, Grandfather or Brothers? Denim garments are the modern age, stylish family heirlooms that your sons and daughters alike can wear for decades to come. It’s a little romantic, we know. But realising that you’re purchasing something that your grandchildren could still find use from, and add stories to, in decades to come, is a very wholesome feeling indeed.

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