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December 20, 2017

Timeless grooming tips for men


Choosing the right hair styling products.

Male hair products have changed over the years. Men have gotten a little bit confused as to which hair products suits their hair type. For men with thicker, and perhaps shorter hair, who desire a textured, messy style I would recommend using a wax or clay. Those with long, thick hair would benefit from using a hair cream or pomade, which is better for styling and keeping your hair in tact all day. But if your hair is fine, using a spray product or a lighter wax will suffice to achieve the style that you want.

Finding a subtle after shave and cologne.

Finding your signature scent is important. After shave isn't supposed to be obvious. Your scent should be a subtle part of your overall presence. Instead of owning a large range of mediocre colognes that you pick at random each morning, save yourself a bit of money and invest in at least 1 or 2 classic seasonal scents. Typically, woody, spicy or hereby scents suit the winter months, while lighter citrus scents work best in the spring and summer seasons.

Incorporating beard oil or beard balm into your daily grooming routine.

Facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained in order for it to look and feel healthy. Establishing a daily maintenance routine for your beard is essential. Remember that you can always pop into your local barber and they'll usually be more than happy to assist you with all your beard grooming questions. I would recommend that a high-quality beard balm or beard oil takes precedence in your daily beard care routine. Beard balm is great for longer beards as it contains bees wax which is perfect for styling. Beard oil is beneficial to both long and short beards, as it includes essential oils that promote healthy beard growth. It is important that the skin underneath your beard is kept moisturised to prevent dandruff. A good quality beard balm or beard oil will provide moisture for both beard hair and facial skin.

Beard oil and Beard Balm daily grooming routine

Booking a wet shave with a barber.

Not a fan of facial hair? If a clean shaven face is more your style, you'll want to make time for a careful shaving routine every morning, or a few times a week, depending on how rapidly your facial hair grows. However, shaving can be time consuming, stressful and painful. Getting a professional shave once a week allows you to achieve the look you desire minus the hassle. It's also a great opportunity for you to chill out in preparation for the week ahead of you.

Investing in a safety razor.

Booking an appointment with a barber every week may not be economical for you, however, so what i would recommend in this case is investing in a good quality razor (in my opinion a double ended safety razor). This razor will be with you for a good few years so you don't have to worry about updating or buying expensive razor packs every week or month. I would like to consider shaving to be almost like a hobby. There's no better feeling than getting yourself all ready for a proper old fashioned shave with a hot towel. If you can manage to take ten minutes out of your morning routine you can achieve anything.

Book a wet shave with Quarters Edinburgh Barber

Using a pumice stone on your feet.

Despite the fact that your feet aren't on show that often, keeping up a foot care routine is still important. Tend to them after a bath or shower, when the skin is softest. I'm not saying this is a drastically important routine you need to start doing. But, really, who wants dead skin kicking about their feet? You can use a pumice stone to help get rid off any dead skin before applying a generous amount of moisturiser.

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. 

Nobody likes dark circles under their eyes, it makes you look under slept and older than you are. Nobody wants this in their life. Incorporate an eye cream or roll on into your morning or evening routine. This will help solve the problem.

Battling the mono brow.

Having big eyebrows isn't a problem. We’ve all seen the Dad from American Pie. But if your brows meet in the middle and you feel a little self conscious about it, there are ways to make one, two again. Plucking is too time consuming, however, and can lead to oddly shaped brows. The next time you take a wee trip to visit your barber ask them to tidy up your brows. It won't be the first time your barber will be asked this, so don't be shy.  

Mens eyebrow grooming

Feel free to pop into Quarters Edinburgh for men's grooming advice any time. We stock a wide range of shaving accessories, beard oils and balms, and men's hair styling products. Or book an appointment with our barber for a hair cut, beard trim, wet shave or eyebrow maintenance! 

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