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December 07, 2017

The History of Captain Fawcett

Few brands can lay claim to a story like this. Over a hundred years ago the legendary explorer captain P. Fawcett and his eldest son Jack, followed by his sons best friend, went on their last expedition in search of the lost city of Z. However, all contact was lost with the explorers and they never returned home.

Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax

There was no trace of what happened to the captain and the boys until one day in 1997. At a yard sale an old and beaten up trunk was bought as a decoration. However, when it was later broken open it was found to reveal salves, unguents, ointments and the missing adventurers long lost journals.

Captain Fawcett Pocket Moustache Comb

So a Capt Fawcett limited was founded and his formulas are being used today and are still using the original recipes. For the first time in over a hundred years Fawcett's world renowned moustache wax is available nation wide. Some recipes were made for the city gentlemen; soft and pliable. While others (the expedition strength) are some of the firmest moustache waxes on the market and will keep your 'tash under control in the wildest conditions.

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