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December 07, 2017

Tips for the perfect shave


Tip No.1

Beard MUST be WET.

Firstly, when shaving it is important for the beard to be as wet as possible. You can either shave right after a shower, or if that is not possible, use a hot face towel and leave it on the face for a wee minute. Do not apply shaving products to dry skin, as this is how razor burn and shaving rashes occur!

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Tip No.2

Choose a high-quality shaving cream.

It is particularly important that you use a high-quality shaving cream that produces a rich lather. Using a quality cream prevents cuts and irritation. Stay away from cheap store brands that foam. Ensure that you leave the shaving cream on your face for at least a minute or two before using the razor, to allow the beard to be as soft and wet as possible.

Tip No.3

Use a shaving brush.

Using a shaving brush is a must! A brush helps to raise the hair during the application of shaving cream, so that a closer cut is possible. The brush also exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and reducing the chances of razor bumps and blemishes. Put simply, it assists the skin in looking and feeling smooth and healthy. Find a shaving brush with the right balance between softness and resistance to help raise the beard and make achieving a closer shave easier.


The best technique to employ when using you're shaving brush is to move it in a circular motion. End in an upward stroke to help lift the beard up and away from the face.

Tip No.4

Invest in a safety razor.

When shaving you're not just cutting hair, you're scraping off up to two layers of surface skin. Invest in a high-quality razor. A blunt razor will result in razor burn and shaving rashes. Try and change your blade every three to ten shaves, if you shave everyday. No matter how often you shave, as soon as the blade is dull, chuck it!

Tip No.5

Shave in the right direction.

It is important to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Firstly, start with the sides, then the moustache area and tackle the chin last. Chin hairs are the toughest, and leaving it until the end allows the shaving cream to soften up the hairs. Never press down too much; let the razor do the work!

Tip No.6

Achieve a closer shave.

Do you want an even closer shave? Apply some more lather from your brush or even add a wee bit more cream if necessary to the area of the face you wish to re-shave. Keeping everything moist allows the blade to glide closer to the skin in a smooth motion. But never over shave! Too much shaving will cause irritation and the dreaded razor burn and shaving rash.

Tip No.7

Use facial wash.

Once you've finished shaving, when the skin is most vulnerable, rinse with warm water and use a facial wash. This is ideal to help cleanse and protect from spots and shaving rashes.

Tip No.8

Rinse with cool water.

Once you have applied facial cream, rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean face towel. NEVER rub! Just pat.

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Tip No.9

Apply after shave.

Lastly, finish with a good quality after shave lotion or balm. When shaving, you can remove up to two layers of skin. So using an after shave product is an ideal way to replace any moisture that may have been lost in the process. A good quality lotion doesn't just soothe the skin, but also has ingredients that will cool and refresh to prevent irritation.

If you're after top quality shaving supplies, visit Quarters Edinburgh on Queen Street or browse our online store. We stock a range of safety razors, shaving brushes and shaving cream from leading men's grooming brands. Our barber now also offers wet shaving services, which you can book online today.

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