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Our Story

Original Quarters Store by Richard Murphy

We've been trading on the corner of Queen Street since 2014, when we opened The Brotique - a space dedicated to a new way in retail, a space dedicated to its community and the brands it sold. Quarters Barber Shop was born out of our concept for a new age general store. We truly believe that life's essentials are timeless, and so our founder Richard Murphy converted our carefully refurbished store on Queen Street into Quarters

As we progressed through this journey our brand philosophy naturally led from our origins as a retailer to the addition and eventual transition to our services as a barbershop. We craft one thing, one service and offer it our community. 

So together Richard and our head Barber Fin developed the Quarters Barber Shop into a space that brings the barber of yesteryear back to today. 

Our Values

At Quarters Barber Shop Edinburgh we think a good haircut is one of life's essentials, but we also think it shouldn't cost you the earth. So we offer great haircuts, at a fair price.

You won’t find any cheap trinkets at Quarters. Or empty recommendations. Just genuine conversation and skilled craftsmen using high-quality products that were made to enhance your daily rituals.

Our Space

Situated in the centre of Edinburgh our barbers are classically trained and offer both haircuts and beard trims, alongside a good dose of grooming advice if you’re after a little direction.

We like to encourage our customers to come in and sit down for a chat over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Here at Quarters, we love to share the stories behind the brands that we stock and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the products on the shelves.

Quarters is about choosing quality over quantity, valuing true craftsmanship and championing products that are made to last. This is why we hand select everything that we sell and only sell products that we truly believe in. 

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